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Winter is Coming!

As winter approaches and the night draws in, we all start to feel the cold. Layering up with our thermals, settling down in front of a nice warm fire with a nice hot chocolate or wacking the thermostat up are all ways that we deal with the cold and although I'm sure Teddy wouldn't say no to a hot chocolate if he managed to get his paws on it, what can we do to help our furry friends that might be more appropriate?

Only a couple of months ago, our wee man didn't want to walk up stairs and was a little sad sack. He has worked hard with Emily and has built his strength up. We know hydrotherapy was never going to be a miracle cure (He's a 10 year old dog with one cruciate ligament surgery behind him) but this is what we wanted, a happy little dog that enjoys his walks.

Ellie, Sarah and Fingal


68 Tickford Street

Newport Pagnell, MK16 9BH

07949 816991



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