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Are you ready to get your dog fighting fit again or improve their quality of life?


Step up your rehabilitation game by utilising veterinary physiotherapy and hydrotherapy to ease your dogs pain, speed up recovery time and improve mobility and quality of life.

During your initial assessment, a thorough history will be taken, lifestyle advice given, full gait and postural analysis, and a hands on palpation assessment. We can also weigh your dog too! 

Strengthen weakened muscles and increase mobility/flexibility using the properties of water in our specialised underwater treadmill.

Using a variety of methods to improve your dogs quality of life including massage, electrotherapies, mobilisation techniques and home exercise prescription.

It's like having our little girl back.. she can get up now unaided 9 times out of 10 go for 15-20 minutes walks with out falling down, even trying her hardest to chase a cat when she sees one in the garden.

Shankly, Cocker Spaniel

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