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Man's BF
Basset Hound_edited.png

Our dog had very bad arthritis, malformed hip joints and Degenerative myelopathy. In addition he was a stressy anxious doggy.
Emily has been so patient, loving and calm with him. He even began to relax when she massaged him, falling asleep with his neck rubs. Also Emily gave us helpful advice and instruction.
We have lost him now BUT I am clear that not only did his hydrotherapy and physio with Emily make him feel better but it extended his life and improved the quality. She’s an excellent professional and a very lovely young woman. Thank you from Steve and I and most of all our Merlin 

Only a couple of months ago, our wee man didn't want to walk up stairs and was a little sad sack. He has worked hard with Emily and has built his strength up. We know hydrotherapy was never going to be a miracle cure (He's a 10 year old dog with one cruciate ligament surgery behind him) but this is what we wanted, a happy little dog that enjoys his walks.

Ellie, Sarah and Fingal



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