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After aquiring a referral from your vet, your pets full medical history will be evaluated. This allows me to determine if your pet is suitable for hydrotherapy or if there are any factors I should be aware of.

Please ensure that:

  • Your dog has been to the toilet prior to the session.

  • Your dog hasn't eaten within 3 hours prior to the session.

  • Your dog has not undergone any exercise prior to the session. Hydrotherapy is very hard work!

If there are any special treats that your pet particularly enjoys, bring them along! We want their time to be as enjoyable as possible!




After their session, patient's will be showered and dried fully. During the colder months, it is a good idea to bring a towelling coat so that they do not get cold.

  • At home, it is important to provide plenty of water.

  • Do not exercise your dogs for the rest of the day. Think of the hydrotherapy session as a replacement for their daily walk.

  • Do not feed your dog until 1 hour after the session.

  • You may also be given homework to complete at home throughout the week in order to continue rehabilitation between sessions.

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