Paws in Motion Veterinary Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy is based within Astonlee’s Canine Wellbeing and Hydrotherapy Centre situated in the popular town of Newport Pagnell with a 24 hour vets just across the road.

All patient’s will receive treatment from a fully qualified NAVP registered Veterinary Physiotherapist and NARCH registered Canine Hydrotherapist, therefore, additional skills can be applied such as massage and the development of a home treatment programme specifically tailored to your pet in order to achieve a more successful rehabilitation.

By using an underwater treadmill, specific muscle groups and joints can be targeted, thus, increasing range of motion and improving gait pattern. Brachycephalic breeds such as Bulldogs and Boxers are also much safer within a treadmill due to the ability to avoid hydrostatic pressure placed on the chest.

Any animal that needs to improve muscle tone, proprioception, core strength, range of motion, cardiovascular fitness or achieve weight loss, will benefit from hydrotherapy. This not only includes those recovering from injury or disease but also working and athletic dogs.

We believe it is important to work within a multi-disciplinary team, therefore, after receiving a referral and liaising with your vet, we will keep them updated on your pet’s progress and work with them to ensure your animal is receiving the best possible care.

Each session will consist of a full gait analysis, observation of their static conformation/posture, thorough palpation including range of motion assessments and muscle mass measurements; in order to track progress. Advanced techniques may be applied dependent on your dog’s ability, enabling us to achieve the desired gait and restore normal function.

Our friendly environment will put both you and your dog at ease and we truly believe the importance of going at your pets pace to create a comfortable setting and help them to enjoy their time with us.



After aquiring a referral from your vet, your pets full medical history will be evaluated. This allows me to determine if your pet is suitable for hydrotherapy or if there are any factors I should be aware of.

Please ensure that:

  • Your dog has been to the toilet prior to the session.

  • Your dog hasn't eaten within 3 hours prior to the session.

  • Your dog has not undergone any exercise prior to the session. Hydrotherapy is very hard work!


After their session, patient's will be showered and dried fully. During the colder months, it is a good idea to bring a towelling coat so that they do not get cold.

  • At home, it is important to provide plenty of water.

  • Do not exercise your dogs for the rest of the day. Think of the hydrotherapy session as a replacement for their daily walk.

  • Do not feed your dog until 1 hour after the session.

  • You may also be given homework to complete at home throughout the week in order to continue rehabilitation between sessions.

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