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A few kind words from some of my previous and current clients. Thank you all!


German Shorthaired Pointer

Emily was absolutely wonderful with Meg my 15yr old German Shorthaired Pointer. Meg had bad arthritis in her spine and particularly her back legs which used to tremble badly. She also had quite a significant amount of muscle loss in her back legs.

When my vet recommended Emily, I was slightly apprehensive, did I really want to put Meg through all this at her age?


It was definitely one of my better decisions.


When we arrived for our first session I was so impressed when Emily spent time putting us both at ease, whilst being extremely thorough checking Meg over and  tailoring a treatment and exercise regime especially for her needs.


Emily felt physio would be the best route to take for Meg and has a lovely way of explaining what the exercise is going to achieve and answering my questions in terms I could understand.... Emily also gave  me gentle exercises and stretches to do with Meg at home.


Emily was extremely patient and calm with Meg. This was a challenge as she was such a fidget bum and would only settle for a short time before deciding she had been good for long enough  and getting up to go to the treat box for a reward..... 


I noticed such a difference in Meg in the first week, the trembles in her legs were drastically improved and her range of motion and posture was so much better. She continued to improve so much that on her next session Emily took her for Hydro, she took it quickly and when a treat was involved suddenly started striding out beautifully.... What a surprise ;-)

Brilliant service, I really can't recommend Emily highly enough. A huge thank you from Meg xx



Old English Sheepdog

Emily at Paws in Motion has been fantastic with our 11 year old Old English Sheepdog Chilli. Chilli has bad arthritis in here rear right knee with quite a bit of muscle loss which has been significantly impacting her mobility and confidence.

We were going to a different hydrotherapy centre but didn’t realise how much we were missing out until we came to Emily. She goes over and above to do everything she can to help Chilli, she is also very gentle, caring and keen to build up trust with her 4 legged friends.

On our first session Emily videoed and assessed Chilli's walking, did a full check over every part of her body including eyes, ears and teeth. She also measured all of chilli's legs so we can see progress in building up her muscles over the hydrotherapy sessions.

Emily has a great way of explaining veterinary terminology so you understand what the problems are and what we are doing to improve different areas, she is very patient and happy to answer all your questions too.

She is always interested in how Chilli has been and does a full body check at every session. This is so she can make sure that the session is completely customised to Chilli’s needs and is the right level activity so as to not over tire her but still get as much benefit out of the session as possible. Emily always gets into the hydrotherapy treadmill with Chilli to make sure she is making best use of her time in there. She does this by helping Chilli to maintain a proper stride & posture by using the mirror & measurements etc. on the side of the equipment. We also have been given little activities we can do at home with Chilli to help build up her stability/mobility between sessions as well.

Emily truly has magic hands, Chilli’s gets a nice massage to sooth and release tension along her shoulders, her back and her legs at every session which I really believe makes such a difference to Chilli and her mobility.

Emily has also helped us claim though our insurance company for Chilli’s treatment, she has kindly filled in everything that has been asked for which has meant we have successfully been able to claim for The Hydrotherapy.

Recently Emily even took time out of her busy schedule to go and help our groomer to give Chilli a shorter hair cut to make it easier to get Chilli dry after hydro. Normally Chilli is quite tired after her grooming but she came home with a bounce in her stride which was lovely to see.

Fantastic 5 star service and I really cannot recommend Emily & Paws in Motion enough."



Cocker Spaniel

"We have been bringing our 13 year 5 months cocker spaniel Shankly to see Emily for her severe hip dysphasia and chronic arthritis in all 4 legs for a few months now, we had previously tried everything to help Shankly including steroid injections but she seemed to be getting worse. We knew her quality of life was suffering as she could hardly stand on her back legs and was having difficulty doing the basic things. We were recommended to Emily at Paws in Motion from our vets and wow what a difference Emily and the Physiotherapy have made to Shankly's life. It's like having our little girl back.. she can get up now unaided 9 times out of 10 go for 15-20 minutes walks with out falling down, even trying her hardest to chase a cat when she sees one in the garden. Emily is so thorough in what she does and explains everything to us, she really does care and takes pride in what she does. We would highly recommend Emily to any owner of a pet in need of some help. Emily has worked wonders with our girl and we never realised how much physiotherapy can and has helped. Thank you Emily from Shankly especially x




"Casper loves Emily and completely trusts her. He suffers from hip dysplasia, cruciate issues, and arthritis - all making his life painful and restricting. Because of his issues he has not been able to do a lot of exercise and so had put on weight, exacerbating his conditions and causing more pain. We were referred to Emily by Casper's vet, Paul Manning at Astonlee, who felt that hydrotherapy would help to build strength in Casper's muscles and to help him lose weight and be in less pain. After some deliberation I agreed and Casper has now had several hydrotherapy sessions which have undoubtedly helped him. Today he had his first physio session to try and relax the spasms in his hip and leg muscles. Emily treats him with kindness, she's gentle and empathic with him, and relaxes him. She's also very calm and reassuring in her manner, which helps him when something's she's doing is uncomfortable, which of course it sometimes has to be. I'm sure if he could talk Casper would fully recommend Emily and he's always so happy to see her - dogs always sense good people 😊. So I would recommend Emily without hesitation."



Staffordshire Bull Terrier

"I have a 8.5 year old SBT called Minnie who suffers from arthritis in her hind legs, following cruciate ligament surgery (bilateral TPLO) and a recent bicep tear to her right front leg. Emily quickly gained Minnie's confidence and was able to assess her condition (every visit) and helps Minnie's pain by relieving the tension in her muscles and mis aligment in her spine with her massaging, stretches and manipulation technics. We also attend hydro where emily assists Minnie into the water treadmill and once the water and treadmill are operational calms Minnie and helps her walk slowly and control to build the hind leg muscles and help correct her gait. Needless to say I don't know where I would be without Emily. She puts Minnie at ease with hydro and physio and is constantly upskilling and looking for new ways in which to aid canine recovery. I highly recommend Emily, your dog could not be in better hands




"This is our wee man today. Only a couple of months ago he didn’t want to walk anywhere, would ask to be carried up stairs and was a little sad sack. He has worked hard with Emily and has built his strength up.

We know the hydrotherapy was never going to be a miracle cure (he’s a 10 year old dog with one cruciate ligament surgery behind him) but this is what we wanted, a happy little dog that enjoys his walks 😁"

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