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Our Clients Say


Emily was absolutely wonderful with Meg my 15yr old German Shorthaired Pointer. Meg had bad arthritis in her spine and particularly her back legs which used to tremble badly. She also had quite a significant amount of muscle loss in her back legs.

When my vet recommended Emily, I was slightly apprehensive, did I really want to put Meg through all this at her age?

It was definitely one of my better decisions.

When we arrived for our first session I was so impressed when Emily spent time putting us both at ease, whilst being extremely thorough checking Meg over and  tailoring a treatment and exercise regime especially for her needs.

Emily felt physio would be the best route to take for Meg and has a lovely way of explaining what the exercise is going to achieve and answering my questions in terms I could understand.... Emily also gave  me gentle exercises and stretches to do with Meg at home.

Emily was extremely patient and calm with Meg. This was a challenge as she was such a fidget bum and would only settle for a short time before deciding she had been good for long enough  and getting up to go to the treat box for a reward..... 

I noticed such a difference in Meg in the first week, the trembles in her legs were drastically improved and her range of motion and posture was so much better. She continued to improve so much that on her next session Emily took her for Hydro, she took it quickly and when a treat was involved suddenly started striding out beautifully.... What a surprise ;-)

Brilliant service, I really can't recommend Emily highly enough. A huge thank you from Meg xx

Meg - German Shorthair Pointer

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