Initial Assessment


Physiotherapy Treatment




Your initial assessment will include a thorough history taken, gait analysis, static analysis, palpation and muscle mass measurements. We will also discuss your goals and a plan including exercises for you to follow at home.

Following your initial assessment, I will reassess your pet and check how you have been getting on with the plan at home. If neccessary, we will alter your plan so that it suits both you and your pet. Your pet will then receive appropriate treatment. This may include massage, stretching, pemf, red light therapy or many other techniques I feel are suitable.

Your hydrotherapy session will include a full assessment, health check, a pre and post-session shower, harness fitting, a tailored hydrotherapy plan suitable for your pet and drying to make your pet as dry as possible before leaving.

*As a member of the NAVP and NARCH, most insurance companies will pay for Veterinary Physiotherapy or Hydrotherapy treatment so do contact your provider and check your policy. We will provide you a receipt upon full payment to accompany your claim.

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